Little Red Riding Hood

Got some trees, a park or even a forest in your neighborhood? Well, a little red dress with a folklore-like touch is perfect for strolling in summer. The Tommy Hilfiger one I’ve been wearing today has a great texture and length and fits smoothly around the legs – here’s to freedom of leg movement! Plus, due to the ruffled top part, the dress can easily be worn without a bra.

Apart from some jewellery,  I applied just a hint of red lipstick and put some comfortable shoes on – though, needless to say, flats are even better than wedges for longer walks – to top off this outfit, creating a natural look that’s however not boring at all.

Anyhow, I totally recommend wearing red in the woods (or in a park), as I perceive the red and green colour combo as just so strikingly sensual. Don’t you think? I couldn’t help hugging a tree.




Dress: Tommy Hilfiger, bracelet: Kenzo

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