Got bugs?

Even though I prefer bugs outside rather than having them really bug me in my own home, I still like the ones better that don’t try to stitch me of course. So, as a homage to the nicer ones, I decided to go for some colorful bug-prints on this late summer day, keeping them somewhat organized by a checkered pattern – here’s to killing two birds with one stone.

As the weather has been quite dry lately, with no standing water in sight, I could even go without any bug spray and only put some sunscreen on (when it’s more wet, I usually mix it with insect repellent and make sure to wash it all off before going to bed – no need to be feeling all icky).

However, regarding the actual killing of about 75 % of insects by modern agricultural industries, I really see them as a blessing rather than a curse. This is also part of the message this dress is supposed to convey.

If you know any life hacks in this respect or would simply like to share your opinion, feel free to leave a comment.



dress: Strenesse, sandals: H&M, sunglasses: Chloé, bracelet: Swarovski

Little Red Riding Hood

Got some trees, a park or even a forest in your neighborhood? Well, a little red dress with a folklore-like touch is perfect for strolling in summer. The Tommy Hilfiger one I’ve been wearing today has a great texture and length and fits smoothly around the legs – here’s to freedom of leg movement! Plus, due to the ruffled top part, the dress can easily be worn without a bra.

Apart from some jewellery,  I applied just a hint of red lipstick and put some comfortable shoes on – though, needless to say, flats are even better than wedges for longer walks – to top off this outfit, creating a natural look that’s however not boring at all.

Anyhow, I totally recommend wearing red in the woods (or in a park), as I perceive the red and green colour combo as just so strikingly sensual. Don’t you think? I couldn’t help hugging a tree.




Dress: Tommy Hilfiger, bracelet: Kenzo

Mellow in yellow

I’ve alwalys loved yellow, that little happy cousin of gold. Whereas the latter, as properly selected jewellery, can indeed add that sparkle-in-the-sun glam as a striking feature to an outfit. That’s why I chose those colors when putting together today’s rather laid-back jeans-and-T-shirt gear and wore a pair of white canvas sneakers with it. Moreover, a light jacket can be such an asset in summer, and even more so with some fringes for a Chanel-like feeling. Makes me wanna end the day with a Piña Colada.

What’s your favorite cocktail? Feel free to add a recipe (with or without alcohol)! Any outfit ideas or cocktail dress suggestions? Just leave a comment.

jg_DSC_5354j_DSC_5333j_DSC_5297jg_DSC_5343Jeans and sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger, T-shirt: H&M, watch: DKNY, jacket: ESPRIT

Wrapped in silk

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A summer dress that fits perfectly and has a skin-friendly texture is hard to find. I would definitely opt for silk or cotton that’s not fitting too tightly, which makes a dress extra comfy. In case of doubt, I suggest just getting a larger size. Dresses with straight cuts get a feminine touch by adding a belt. Roman-style sandals and some silver jewellery also make great additions to this outfit.

What accessories do you consider the ultimate eye-catchers?





sandals: Högl, dress: Colezzione Gaia, bracelet: vintage

A touch of pink

Essentials for a tough forest elf can be conjured by putting on a midi skirt in pastel colors as well as a matching top and jewellery. I decided for a combination of pink and silver and put on summer sandals with a raffia sole and huge sunglasses to go with it. A belt that’s buckled overneath your outfit adds form and elegance: et voilá!

I think it can be a tough task to match a belt with an outfit. Do you also like to play with belts?



Top: Oui, skirt: Strenesse, sandals: Bally, sunnies: Lacoste, bracelet: Pandora, belt: vintage

Into the blue

On a hot summer day, a fresh breeze can be such a pleasure, just like a walk in the shade of the trees. Provided that your outfit is light and etherial and your footwear is suitable for woods and meadows. A wide cotton blouse would be my first choice to keep cool and protected from the sun. Add a great pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected as well. To complete this look, a pair of comfy suede lace-up ballerinas are the perfect choice. And they can even still be worn in fall.

How do you combine your ballerinas?








blouse: Marc O’Polo, skirt: Chloé, ballerinas: SMH, bag: Bree, sunglasses: Oliver Peoples

Hey there, little glow worm

Recently, I’ve seen a glow worm. It was shining in bright green in the evening twilight and caused my mood to lighten up immediately. The black and green earrings by H&M that glow in the dark thanks to their fluorescent effect can also be such lucky charms, e. g. by being the ultimate eyecatcher on every party. What do you think?





Earrings: H&M, sandals: Clarks, dress: Michael Kors, belt: vintage, sunglasses: Chloé